Monday, 23 March 2015

Super PJs Out Now at the Circus!!

My sister has declared that Sunday is now
 known as Jammies Sunday.
(I know I'm late, but don't tell her)

I am so excited that The Circus opened again
with these great PJs from Boomerang.

I really love that daddies can get wear them with us.  

A wise friend told me that Mama's can't
wear them because they have lumps.  Sorry Mamas.


What we are Wearing:

I'm only going to tell what the parents outfits are.
 That is what is important. 
 Other than that no one really cares what parents wear. 
They're old!



Oh, I can't forget the back of these PJs

More to come from Boomerang and The Circus...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Allergic to Pink October Highlights

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! Come on come on you know where to go for your tricks and treats, at allergic to pink! like duh!

 We've got Halloween goodies, hoodies & tees to keep you warm, pj's & pumpkin carving, & SO MUCH MORE!

We had so much fun carving pumpkins, my little niece Mikuo got all messy with pumpkin guts and then wiped them on my jeans.. aw man!

Today I'm just highlighting a few of our favorite items at this months event but there's much more to discover!

Keep your candy to yourself and show the teens who's boss with the self defense pumpkin! And NO that doesn't mean ME!

For kids keep warm as the fall chill hits with these totally awesome hoodies!
Or for you little people these pj's are cute an cozy!
Theres so much more to discover but ya gotta go there to see 'em all!!
Get Allergic!
And don't forget you can get a better look at all these photos just by clicking on them and scrolling through the slideshow!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spooky Hunts at BOOmerang!

hey Halloween in on the way and we have some super cool hunts and events for you this month! So lets get right to it!

 The walking dead hunt offers prizes for parents and kids, were offering these spooky fun signs to help make your house a haunt!

And for the treats or totsi hunt how about a ghoulishly cool plush and wings! Screamtastic! Look how scared poor Kaity is heehee!

The halloween toddleedoo hunt gives us this totally cute lil shirt! So tipicall of the lil heathens to want all the candy, I love it!

The spooktacular hunt item will be out soon

For our regular events...
For this months All the Little Things we have a totally cool T shirt gacha to try your luck at!
more events will be ready soon so cheak back as soon as Kaity gets her lil bum buisy lol

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Allergic to Pink comes to Boomerang!

Guys, Kaity and I are SO excited because our favorite event is now right outside our door! Allergic to pink is now owned and run by Boomerang! That's right, this event is a collection of some of SLs best kid designers like Yello Jello, SprinklyWinks, ToddleeTeez, Muddy Buddys, Two by the Sea, and tons tons more all in one place creating items for those who want a little something more colorful!

Each month we will have a special theme and 20 or more cool designers will set up shop selling toys, cloths, poses, furniture, gestures, and MORE for toddleedoo and regular kid AVs for 75L$ or less! All for those of us who sneeze at the thought of pink and frilly! Weather your a boy, tomboy, or a girl looking for more then just princess pink this event is for you!

If your a designer and would like to be involved in the event spaces are going fast so please come claim yours quickly! If you are new to the event check out the sign and join the group to keep updated! There are still a few open spaces for designers wishing to join. Kaity has also put out some game tables for your enjoyment and feel free to say hello to my horses Magic & Sir Valentine if they are in the barn or hanging around.

For more info visit the event and find this cart, don't forget to join the group! We look forward to seeing you at allergic to pink!


Monday, 15 September 2014

September Events

For many of us the air is getting crisp, the apples are sweet and hanging heavy on the tree, it's fall. It's a bit of a bummer as the nights get colder and soon leaves will be changing color but this time of year is perfect for playing in leaves and snuggling in warm PJs! It's time for a SLEEPOVER!
So get the popcorn and the snacks, a good movie, and your best pal, and let us provide the fun! This months events are perfect for a fun night in!

Lets start in Boomerangs own back yard, not far from our store is Neverland Events and this month we have PJs!

WOW what a pillow fight! These cute cuddly PJs fit those cute Toddleedoos and kid avis, super cute an comfy you an your friends will want them ALL!!

Now that we got comfy PJs on we need some place to hang out, well never fear Boomerang is here! With super cool castle tents! A neat place to play and talk with a buddy! There's 4 cool colors at the Family Flea Market, and for those of you who are Allergic To Pink, like Kaity, we have a special color just for you!

Try your luck at this fire truck gacha at All The Little Things and be ready to race off through the leaves to the next adventure! These are just for those cute toddleedoos!
Find all these great items at our event locations, find them in our links section to the right!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Welcome to Boomerang!

Hello, I'm Boomerang store manager AngeliqueRose, and welcome to boomerangs new store blog! So what is Boomerang you ask, well boomerang is a children's store based in the virtual world of Second Life.  SL has a large community of people who choose to relive there childhood by becoming a kid and having a family in the virtual world. We provide lots of different products to improve there experience as kids in SL!
Boomerang is run by kids for kids! Boomerangs owner, Kaity Afterthought is a creative and fun loving 5 year old with a one track mind that screams "PLAY". Called a "lil heathen" by her mom you know your in for an adventure with Kaity!

She says she likes to create for the casual kid, the imaginative kid, the ones that likes to dream and play. She like her customers to be satisfied and will do all she can to see they are. This is the code we live by here at Boomerang, making quality items for all ages, for those with a unique sense of style!

 As for me I met Kaity through our school, HKE,  we got along right away and have been friends ever since. I was so excited when she invited me to help out at boomerang and I'm learning so much! I promise I'll do my best for our customers.
So if your a "lil heathen", a dreamer, a schemer, big kid, little kid, WHATEVER come check out boomerang! Visit us by clicking here or you can always find a link to the shop on the sidebar!
Don't know what this Second Life is or how to relive your childhood in SL? Check out the official SL site!

Hope to see you in SL soon!
Boomerang Staff